Veggie Plot update 23rd June

A few update pictures from around the veggie plot. Being away last weekend i was concerned that everything would suffer in this mini heat wave we seem to be having. However, a neighbor of mine had offered to water and keep everything in check for me.

Number 2 herb tub is doing very well in the shade, number one in full sun isn’t. Time to move it I guess.

The second early potatoes have started to flower and  the first earlies’ leaves are starting to drop so it’ll be harvest time soon. Will have a dig around this weekend and see what come up. Main crop are just starting to bud.

Friends and families Tomatoes don’t seem to be doing too well this year or are a bit late. My cherry toms  are just starting to flower.

Aubergines continue to grow without any sign of distress so far.

Our first mini cucumber of the season is almost ready for picking.

Second batch of mixed salad leaves making its way to the table.

Only flowers and no fruit on the courgettes. I wonder if  this the first one forming? I’ve moved a few of them out of the greenhouse and into the veggie beds as space is becoming limited – despite getting a better grown under cover last year.  I hope they do o.k.

Both peas and beans seem to coming along nicely.

…and sadly, one of the mini cucumber plants has taken a turn for the worst. My neighbor had said that unfortunately she didn’t water every day and with this one being in a very sunny area of the greenhouse i think it’s given up. It’s a shame really because it had quite a crop forming that now, seem to be wilting. I’ll keep watering & feeding but i think it’s gone 😦 Going forward, I’m thinking about hooking up a timer/hose pipe system in the greenhouse.

…and on a happy note, really please with the following picture after misting one of the tomato plants!


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