Veggie plot update – June 16th

Another quick update of how things are progressing in the veggie plot & greenhouse. With the sun finally returning, I’ve resumed damping down the greenhouse in the morning and when I get home from work. Everything seems to be coming along quite nicely.

The runner beans have reached the top of the canes and of the twelve plants, only one seems to have suffered a bit by being munched on by something. The peas are really starting to shoot up and are around 2ft now. The other day I’m sure they were only about 1ft. Both herb gardens are providing plenty of fresh cooking ingredients and strawberries for desert – although I’m prone to swiping a few every time I walk by 🙂

Over in the main veggie bed, things weren’t looking as good for some reason. I’d previously split the bed into two parts, with sowing about 2 weeks apart. In one half ( first sowing) not much has broken the soil surface apart from the odd radish. In the other half, things are looking a little better, especially the spinach. I’ve been checking daily for the past few weeks now but nothing. That was, until this evening when the first telltale signs of growth are evident. Lets hope things catch up soon!

Cucumbers beginning to appear.

Hopefully the start of one of those whopping great big ‘cumbers we had last year.

Potatoes – First earlies.

The last few Aubergine plants ready for the final repot. I’ve been growing these extra few to give to my parents and a friend at work tomorrow.

No courgettes yet, but plenty of early flower. Hopefully a few will follow shortly.

The first mixed salad tubs are almost finished now, giving about ten generous pickings per tub.  I’ve got three double sets on the go at any one time. This is the second set, with the third just starting to sprout. One we’ve had the last of the first set, I’ll add fresh soil & sow the next lot.

Come on tomato’s, Basil leaves are waiting for you!


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