Hello sun!

After an unsettled week, weatherwise it’s nice to see the sun had finally came out of hiding and looking at the ‘ol desktop weather widget, looks like it’s here to stay…for a bit anyway.

A few images taken from around the garden whilst relaxing next to the pond.

Our new friend (dubbed Dwayne) seems to have picked our garden as its new home. He’s never far way and is getting used to me pottering around the garden without getting too nervous. His mate (dubbed Dwayne-etta) is usually having a doze in one of the trees. ‘Dwayne’ hasn’t quite sussed out the bird table yet. He spends most of the time walking around on the roof knowing that there’s some goodies somewhere!

More white lilies in the pond. Counted about ten this evening but still no sign of the pink and red ones yet.

The last open Lillie, before shutting up shop for another day.

A few buttercups invading one of the borders.

I love these large globe Alliums. We only had a few but over the years, they’ve self seeded and more and  more appear each year.

Having quite a large concrete driveway, rain brings out the snails en mass. Luckily my Hosta’s are surviving…so far!


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