2010 Rainworth Skoda 51st Dukeries Rally.

Yesterday was this years Dukeries Rally and I popped along to the Sherwood Pines stages taking along my Fuji HS-10 to see how well it performed. I shot hand held in shutter priority mode, at speeds of between 100th & 200th/sec and as the stage marshal’s had moved the spectators area even further away from the action this year, telephoto was a must.

The Fuji handled pretty well but my only criticism was the longer pause between shots. Certainly compared to my DSLR, it seemed quite slow. However, the 7-shot burst mode came in handy which captured multiple shots in a fraction of a second. Maybe i needs to play around with the continual shooting options a little more?

Image stabilization was great at the full 720mm end, especially considering I was shooting hand held. I was certainly getting better results than with this rather than my hand held shots with my 450d and the 300m end with my Tamron.

The woodland silence was about to be broken!

…and just a couple of quick videos I shot (although having my tripod with me would have helped here!)

A few more photos can be found on my Flickr page – http://www.flickr.com/photos/26527444@N06/


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