Veggie plot update – 5th June.

With all this summer sunshine & the occasional shower, my little veggie plot seems to be coming along quite nicely. In particular, the greenhouse crops seem to be doing very well with the first Cucumbers just starting to appear.

I read that chopped strawberries tossed with green salad and a little Balsamic vinegar is very nice. Will be trying soon!

The early potatoes are starting to flower. I read that some say to remove them and some say to leave them. I think I’ll leave mine, after all this is my first time growing spuds so it’s all trial an error. I’m guessing though that flowers are a good indication of a healthy plant?

1st Cucumber of the year!

…no wait, found another few.

Mixed salad leaves – so far we’ve had about five good harvests from this single tub. I’ve been sowing other tubs approx every two weeks so hopefully, many more to come.

Swiss Chard and Rocket.

I’m quite happy with everything so far. The Aubergines are coming along quite nicely as too are the chillies. I lost one pepper plant unfort, but the others seem to be o.k. The trailing cherry tomato plants in the hanging baskets will probably be moved out today to make more room for more pots and tubs I have.

I sorted the pea support last weekend although I’ve probably gone a little overboard with the twine!

Of the six potato grow sacks, I believe this one contains the late croppers.

One of the many herb tubs we have. This one contains many coriander, chives, a little basil and, because I had one spare, I stuck a miniature cherry tomato plant in the middle.

Over in the  veggie beds, the runner beans are coming along quite nicely as well as various other salad crops such as  radish, spring onions and beetroot. No sign of carrots yet so I’m hoping they’ll break through the surface soon.


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