Greenhouse staging.

For this year’s greenhouse crops I’ve excluded space zapping vine tomatoes in favour of more compact shrub/hanging basket varieties. With all the extra room I’ve been growing all manner of pot based crops from lettuce to peppers but have quickly found that available floor  space has rapidly declined. To maximise every inch of available space I’ve decided it’s time to go vertical by buying couple or greenhouse staging shelves.

Heavy duty greenhouse staging can be quite expensive so I decided on buying x2 low-cost tubular steel and plastic shelves instead. How they’d cope outside in high wind without support is another matter but in the safety of the greenhouse they’re perfect for my needs.

Fitting them together was simple enough, just slot the smaller tubes into the plastic brackets to make both side walls and fitting the longer tubes horizontally to complete the frame. O.k, o.k..i admit it, my first attempt I got the fixture holes the wrong way round 🙂

Much better now and plenty of shelf space for more.

Even with heavy planters after watering, they still appear to be quite rigid.

Now I can space out the Cucumbers and Courgettes. Last year, I got a better crop of Courgettes on those in the greenhouse than from the ones growing outside. Thought I’d try the same this year.

I’ve also moved the Strawberries to their final position. These are new plants re-grown from the runners of last years plants and look like they should have a good crop.

Elsewhere in the garden I’ve spaced three of the six potato grow sacks in part shade as opposed to the other three that are pretty much in full sun all day. All seem to be coming along quite nicely and out of curiosity I stuck my hand in amongst the soil and had a feel around….and then smiled!


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