Potting on in the Greenhouse.

After this morning bike ride and the sun still shining, I fancied a lazy afternoon just pottering around the garden. The last few bits n bobs that are still growing in propagators are now ready for re-potting and placing in the greenhouse.

I’ve added to the greenhouse this afternoon – Chillies, Peppers, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Aubergine &  Tomatoes.

I’ve also added some of the Cherry Tomatoes/herbs into hanging baskets but i’ll leave them inside the greenhouse until end of May just in case we get a surprise frost (has been a few in the early hours this week).

I’ve also thinned out some of the salad leaves as both the Rocket & mixed Lettuce leaves are really shooting up. I’ve also sown a third batch of various salad leaves this afternoon –  Can’t ever have enough salad

I was supposed to be thinning these out but couldn’t help eating a few as well!

I’ve also transplanted the Runner Beans into their final position in one of the veggie beds. I’m hoping they do as well as last year.

..and over in the other bed, the peas are starting to show.

I’ve also sown a few Cabbage to try this year and over in the other beds I’ve continued sowing radish, beetroot, spring onion & carrots. This leaves about half the plot free to continue succesive sowing over the next few weeks or so.

All those seeds and freshly potted plants needed a good drink..as do I!


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