Hardwick Hall & back.

Woke up early o a glorious sunny day, the last of my mini break from work.  I was keen to get out into the fresh air on my bike so after breakfast I packed up and headed out.

Once again, I’d be hitting the Teversal trails which are only a short cycle from where we live and offer miles of flat walking & cycle tracks.

I was here the other month and this bit at the start of the trail was a mud bath. Thankfully, it looks like a new surface has been laid.

After a few miles, I stopped to take a drink and got chatting to an elderly bloke who popped out of nowhere. Noticing he was sporting a Canon EOS 5D MkII DSLR, we got chatting about photography and whatnot and he was kind enough to let me shoot a few frames. Man, what an amazing camera!

After saying goodbye, I diverted off the trail at one of the old railway bridges and  bounced down the steps to the lane below.

This was really good fun, I climbed back up to try it again!

The country lane was an amazing ride with gentle curves around wheat fields back set against deep blue skies.

Further down the lane, I stopped to take it all in and got chatting to another couple out cycling from Hardwick Hall. The chaps had a bit of a fall in Lady Spencer Woods and his handle bars were a bit wobbly. He didn’t have any tools with him but luckily I had mine with me. Wobble free, they went on their way whilst I had a wander around the fields.

Turning of the lane and on to a path between farm houses, I headed towards Norwood.

Norwood is beautiful this time of year with a bluebells creating a wonderful carpet of color.

Getting quite hot now so it was great to be the cool shadows of Norwood. Here, I got chatting to another fella who was out taking photographs of the woodland scenes. Reviewing his photo’s I came across one I really liked therefore decided to give it a go myself. I always forget to look up in the woods!

Heading out of Norwood and a tricky bit with a bike. I didn’t want to get my feet wet!

Up through the next field and I was back onto another lane heading towards the grounds of Hardwick Hall. Just after the entrance gate I noticed my cycle odometer had reached the first 100 mile mark! I was quite chuffed with myself, others weren’t so bothered!

Hardwick Hall and grounds are a fabulous place to visit. The house itself is simply stunning and grounds expand over fields, woods and contain a number of large ponds which attract all manner of wildlife.

Hardwick old hall.

Hardwick Hall

Passing through the grounds, I headed into Lady Spencer Wood. The smell of wild garlic hits you as soon as you enter.

Time for a bit of fun. The woods dip down quite sharply and is full of ruts, bumps, steps and exposed tree roots. Perfect to but your foot down on a mountain bike and I had so much fun I couldn’t resist turning around and doing it again…and actual, again!

After exiting the woods it was only a short cycle down the lane before rejoining the Teversal Trail again and on towards home.


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