To the greenhouse!

Despite the frequent, and at times, heavy showers this Bank holiday weekend, I was home & dry in the greenhouse potting around with various bits n bobs.

First on the list was to re-pot the runner beans as it’s only taken then 2 weeks to go from seed to about 12″ tall. I don’t know why I planted them into seed tray modules this year instead of planting the beans straight into 5″ pots like I did last year so they wouldn’t need transplanting. Oh well, I’ve got plenty of pots & compost so in they went and will live in the greenhouse for the next few weeks before their final transplant outside into one of the veggie beds.

All this rain & sunshine has accelerated the potato growth. I continue to earth up with a fresh layer of compost and gave them a good feed.

Various salad leaves are starting to break the surface. For an experiment I’ll leave these densely packed in their elongated tub and the others I’ll thin out & see how they do.

Looks like four of the Aubergine seeds have made it but it’s a shame the other two haven’t. Chillies are in the other section and just stating to poke out.

Cucumbers are starting to form their first true leaves.


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