Around my garden (May 3rd).

Late spring is one of my most favorite times in the garden. Change happens so fast and pockets of color can be found everywhere. Tree blossom explodes into whites & pinks followed by the first leaves that close in  around you & create secluding areas that were once open only a few weeks ago.

Dodging the odd shower, I managed to get out amongst them with camera in hand.

Caltha Palustris in the wooden barrel pond.

Marsh Marigolds in the main pond.

Saying hello!

I love Tulip centers!

Evergreen blossom.

At the water’s edge.


…and more Purple.

o.k, if you look down there, you’ll see that lovely bird table I’ve filled full of wonderful grub. It’s just over there down a few feet away from your tree, if you tilt your head a bit you’ll see it. Hmm, I don’t think she’s bothered. Maybe a neon sign is required 🙂


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