Fuji HS-10 1st Impression.

I just got my HS-10 the other day and although i haven’t had much time with it yet i thought I’d post a list of my initial pros & cons at this early stage.


Size and weight is almost the same as my Canon 450d DSLR which for my hands is perfect. The weight is balanced very well and feels sturdy in my hands.

Build quality is very good with plenty of rubber grip. I especially like the rotating command dials and the various button layouts which become second nature to find after such a short time.

Zoom action is very smooth and auto focus although not being ultra fast should be quick enough not to miss that perfect shot. Auto Focus noise isn’t overly loud but then again I’ve never been bothered if it’s silent or not.

Surprisingly, the EVF is very good and updates very well (choice of either 60fps or 30fp) Being used to a glass viewfinder i wasn’t hoping for much but it’s actually better than i expected. The eyepiece could do with being a little bigger but that’s probably only because I’m used to my Canon?

No obvious CA found in any of the high contrast test photos I’ve taken so far.

Pop out LCD screen was found to be very useful when setting up a few macro shots that were low to the ground.

Finepix software is actually quite good & the Raw file converter is on par with Photoshop. I still prefer to manage my collection with Lightroom though.

Choice of GUI colors (black for me) & x2 shutter sounds – although I’ll never get used to those ’simulated’ shutter sounds and much prefer the physical clunk of my DLSR 🙂

Manual focus takes a little while to get used to but works very well. I especially like the option of having the center part of the image auto zoomed to make fine focusing adjustments that little bit more precise.


No rubber on the manual focus ring.

Very thin and rough camera strap, will be replacing this with something more comfortable.

No lens hood (have since found a screw on bayonet type on eBay that will also work with 58mm filters attached).

No printed manual (apart from a brief summary) – Although the .pdf manual version on the CD is good.

No HDMI cable included

Super Slow 1/1000s videos look great on the small LCD (dropped a few pebbles into a bowl of water) but the low resolution means that on a PC or TV it’s a pixellated mess. Shame, but movie mode wasn’t why i brought this camera anyway.

It’s also a shame Fuji doesn’t adopt the standard RAW format.

USB cable is very short (I’d say just over 1.5 ft) O.k if you have a desktop USB hub or USB port on your monitor but I would image you might struggle if you have your PC at floor level under your desk.



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    Joe Dyer said,

    I have been using a Fuji S8000fd (18x zoom)for the last two years and love the camera. I run a dog walking and care service that provides loads of photo opportunities, my second use for the camera is recording my birdfeeder activity. I dropped the 8000 the other day and have jammed the shutter, what great timing my new HS10 is on order! This type of camera is all about zoom although in good light conditions very good images can be achieved. Looking at some sample images I know the image quality of the HS10 will be more than acceptable to me. Trust me zoom is addictive, can’t wait for the 30X Big Boy to arrive.

    Thanks for the tips on accessories I am off to ebay
    Joe Dyer
    Chums Dog Walking

  2. 2

    stiggyworld said,

    Hey Joe, hope you enjoy the HS-10, I’m actually grabbing for it more often than my DSLR.

    Shame about your S8000fd though, it’s a nice camera, friend of mine uses his a lot.

    Kind regards


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