First seedlings.

Waking up in morning, one of the things I like to do is to check the propagators to see if any have seedlings have broken though. Like most mornings, there’s no change but today the Cucumbers & Runner Beans are racing ahead! That’s pretty quick to say that they were only sown last weekend.

Mini Cucumbers

Runner Beans

All the other seeds I’ve sown last weekend are just starting to show too so maybe I’ve got the timing a little better this year by leaving sowing that little but later? Last year it seemed to be weeks before anything was through.

I spent most of the morning out on my veggie plot giving everything a good tidy up  and moving things around in the greenhouse. I’ve moved the potato grow sacks out of the greenhouse as it’s getting a little too hot in there. So far they’re looking quite well and will continue to earth up as they grow.

Although it’s now looking a little empty in there, it won’t be long before it’s full.

I’ve also had another sowing session which consist of –

Various variety of lettuce and salad leaves.

Spicy leaf mix

Swiss Chard









Moving on to he veggie plots, I’ve sown the early/main crop peas in one half and in the other half, Mange-tout.

I finished of the morning with a little light weeding & feeding of the other beds prior to this weeks sowing. It looks like my tent/netting setup is stopping the cats from leaving me presents!


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    This is too great! Keep me in the loop.


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    stiggyworld said,

    No problem & thanks for looking. Just had a look at your blog, good subject!

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