Down by the waters edge with my HS-10.

We’ve been itching to get out on our bikes this weekend and although storm clouds were looming, we thought we take a leisurely ride around our local reservoir. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to test out my new camera’s long zoom, we packed up and headed out.

Zoom test no.1 – you can just make out the sail boat on the right.

Here’s the same hand held shot at full zoom – 720mm.

Zoom test no. 2 – Looking across the water to our local hospital.

and the same shot at full zoom.

At the waters edge

Swan wave.

Testing the Auto bracketing modes. This was taken as a sequence of three shots at +/- 1 exposures and blended as one HDR image using Photomatix Pro.

I did take quite a lot of video at both normal, HD and high speed modes. They are taken awhile to upload to YouTube therefore will post links once they’re completed.


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  1. 1

    Mom of 2 said,

    Hey were you using a tripod when taking the pics in zoom? Whenever I hold the camera and try to zoom it doesnt focus.

    • 2

      stiggyworld said,

      Hi there. Yes, all were taken hand held in this particular blog post. I’ve only noticed a little ‘AF wandering’ if i zoom fully into a subject that is way too close. Switching to auto focus or macro mode(s) usually resolves this issue for me.

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