More seed sowing.

Another sunny  spring day and another batch of seeds to sow. Pouring myself a cuppa I spent a lovely hour getting all mucky!

This batch contains –

Cucumbers – Both mini and the larger  varieties


Tomatoes – Bush and mini tumbling varieties for the hanging baskets


Runners Beans

Peppers (mixed)

& Chillies

Speaking of greenhouse, the grow-sacks containing the potato plants are coming along nicely. It’s getting quite hot in there  so I’ll be moving them outside soon to give me room to get organised. I’ve got a few weeks though before the seedlings are ready to be moved in.

I’ve also been tidying the main pond lifting & thinning out some of the larger plants. I’ve taken out some of the oxygenating plants to give the water lilies chance to find the light and I’m hoping that splitting them last August will give me a bumper crop of flowers this year.

The fish seem to be more active these past few days so I started feeding them in small quantities. The same can’t be said for Rosie who loves her extended cat naps!

I’ve  re-potted some of the excess Marsh Marigolds and moved them to the wooden barrel pond to give it some early colour when the yellow flowers appear over the next few weeks.


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