Around the garden in April

Woke up to another sunny spring day and after breakfast we decided to take a leisurely walk into town. Whilst we were out I spotted a few things for the garden. The first is a small wooden half barrel planter that i’ll use to plant a variety of kitchen herbs and the second is a cheap birdtable to sit on top of the tree stump that cut a few weeks ago. It’s not one of great quality but until I can find something larger (or may even decide to build my own) it should suffice for the time being.

Back home, I got all the pieces out of the box, took one look at the instruction sheet (which strangely enough was a DIY guide to building a pergola!) and set about getting it built. Although it was very cheap (cheep, cheep 🙂  it looks like it could take the odd beating if one birds come in for a crash landing.

Whilst I was pruning a few unruly branches from the crab apple tree I looked over and a couple of blue tits had landed and were investigating the new table. Quietly I nipped in doors to fetch my camera but alas, when i came back they had gone. I left my camera out just in case they returned but they didn’t, unfort – probably was making too much  noise sawing the tree branch.

Before packing up for the afternoon, still with camera, I thought I’d take a few snaps of the around the garden.

One of the few Tulips dotted around. Must plant more this Autumn.

Cherry blossum

I have no idea what this is and no idea how it got there!

We have masses of these around the pond. Can get a little evasive sometimes therefore I need to keep in check from time to time.

After the dreary winters months, it’s nice to see that color has once again returning to the can only getting better over the next few months.


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