Had the day off work today so I spent the afternoon pottering around the garden and giving everything general spring clean. Much cooler than of late but thankfully no rain. Taking advantage of the dry spell, I gave the lawn its first haircut of the year and gave it a good prod with the garden fork to aerate it.

A couple of garden shrubs needed a little pruning including one that I’m forever catching myself on when I walk down the garden path. Secateurs at the ready, I was about to make my first cut when I spotted this little ladybird having a wander around.

Whilst I had my camera out I thought I’d take a few more shots around the garden.

Double-Bloom Daffodils

Red Robin leaves

Red Berries on our of the Aucuba Japonica.

More insects on the move

Green & Green

Continuing from yesterday I’d ‘cat’ proofed the veggie beds by using canes to form a tall frame over the beds & covered them with netting. Similar setup to last year however I’ve increased the height from a restricting 2ft to about 5ft.

I also planted out the last of my seeds potatoes into the grow sacks I brought a few months back. I leave them in the greenhouse for the time being until I need to make space for this years greenhouse crops. Those I set a few weeks ago are beginning to show the first leaf shoots so I’ll continue to earth up until I get close to the top of the sack.


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