Bridge Cameras

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another bridge camera. Something that’s fairly compact, packs the majority of  features similar to my Canon DSLR but without the need to lug about multiple lens etc.

I’m a huge fan of Fujifilm bridge cameras (or super-zooms compacts as they’re often refered too) so I’m probably going to base my research around Fuji’s new offerings.

Two have caught my eye, the first is the Fujifilm S200EXR.

Lots of standard features included but here’s a couple that caught my eye.

12 Mega Pixel

ISO 100 – 6400

Jpeg & RAW modes (although I’ve read the RAW format is a propriety format specifically for Fujifilm therefore I’m not sure if this can be edited with Photoshop).

x14.3 Optical zoom providing focal lengths of up to 436 mm

Scroll wheel similar to my DSLR for setting shutter/aperture without having to do this via a clumsy GUI.

DSLR shaped for comfort.

Extended zoom that doesn’t reside back into the case i.e i can fit filters, lens hood.

4 sec to 1/4000 sec shutter speeds

Lots of auto modes for quick shooting

AE Bracketing

Dual IS

Face Detection/Red Eye removal

rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Here’s the downside:

CCD Sensor

Movie recording is at a very low 640 x 480 pixels

The second camera i really want to look at is the very latest from Fujifilm.

Fujifilm HS10/11

CMOS sensor instead of CCD

x30 optical zoom, that’s an impressing focal length of 24mm right up to a whopping 720mm in one lense!

Jpeg & (Standard) RAW modes

Triple image stabilisation

Full HD movie mode in 1080p (includes mini HDMI port for direct connection to LCD panel)

Motion Panorama mode

Flip out 3″ LCD panel – Perfect for low shots so I can frame a  live preview from above.

The only downsides i can see are firstly, no rechargeable battery pack, this takes standard +AA’s which is a bit of shame.

Secondly, the view finder on both camera’s are electronic LCD representations of the scene rather than looking through glass like on my DSLR. On my older Fuji 5800, i didn’t use the view finder much because it was too small and the image quality was terrible. This is something i want to  check out first. My 5800 is quite a few years old now so maybe technology has advanced to produce crisp, lag free electronic view finders?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be visiting my local camera store to check these out and should the HS10 fit the bill, will be posting my own review shortly.

Happy Easter!



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