April showers.

Rain, more rain & for a change, the odd hail storm. That’s what it’ be like here for the past week and looking at the weather report it doesn’t seem to be breaking anytime soon. April showers are here!

It wasn’t too bad this afternoon so outside once again with the chainsaw to level off the tree we chopped last weekend. I’ve left about 5ft of the trunk remaining so I can site my new bird table/house on top.

This actually didn’t take very long so again, making the most of the break in the clouds I removed a conifer tree from the front of the house that has been looking worst for wear.  Scary moment when I looked down and saw a spider climbing up my leg. My usual reaction would be to brush it off…quickly…not a great idea when banishing a chain saw:-)

With the conifer cut  into little bits and bagged, time for another visit to the recycle centre – and again, humming the theme tune from deliverance 🙂

Again, depending on the weather tomorrow (and the number of Easter eggs consumed) I’ve got a few jobs to do on the veggie pot. It’s mainly a little light weeding around the gravel paths where the little blighters have managed to find light through the underlining membrane. The rest is just a little tidy up and organise the greenhouse for this years pots.

The lawn is looking like it’s getting ready for its first cut any day now but I’ll wait a little longer for finer weather. With the light nights finally here (light until around 8pm), these odd jobs can be done at during the week after work.

Likewise the pond could do with a spring clean as the oxygenating plants are starting to spread a little bit too much and some of the marginal plants could do with a haircut. However, I’ve noticed that Mr Heron seems to be doing his annual rounds at the moment so leaving the pond plants that little bit longer is providing plenty of shelter for the fish.

Here’s to hoping the sun will return!


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