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Fujifilm HS-10 Lens Hood.

It’s a shame that Fujifilm didn’t include a lens hood with their new camera, however, as a Canon owner I’m used to having to purchase this useful bit of kit for each of my lens!

After a quick search on eBay and I found a suitable and inexpensive bayonet hood to fit the 58mm thread on the HS-10.

This simply screws onto the end of the lens – which is made even easier by the  raised thread grip.

Much better, it seemed naked without one!  A quick test outside, when the bright sun was setting, to ensure that there’s no unwanted flares or streaks etc as well as ensuring that no part of the hood is visible at the 24mm end of the lens (which it wasn’t).

I also purchased a few essential 58mm filters (UV, CPL & ND Grads etc) which should be here in a few days. Being double threaded types, I should be able to use them in conjunction with this hood.

All I need now is a comfortable strap, the one included in the box lacks padding!


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The Moon…Take 4.

Another shot of the Moon, this time using my HS-10 at 720mm rather than my Canon at 300mm.

ISO 100 f/8.0 at 1/60th

Ideally, I’d like to take this shot again sometime in November when the darker evenings means I can catch the Moon quite lower and therefore bigger. This was taken when it was quite high in the sky.

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Down by the waters edge with my HS-10.

We’ve been itching to get out on our bikes this weekend and although storm clouds were looming, we thought we take a leisurely ride around our local reservoir. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to test out my new camera’s long zoom, we packed up and headed out.

Zoom test no.1 – you can just make out the sail boat on the right.

Here’s the same hand held shot at full zoom – 720mm.

Zoom test no. 2 – Looking across the water to our local hospital.

and the same shot at full zoom.

At the waters edge

Swan wave.

Testing the Auto bracketing modes. This was taken as a sequence of three shots at +/- 1 exposures and blended as one HDR image using Photomatix Pro.

I did take quite a lot of video at both normal, HD and high speed modes. They are taken awhile to upload to YouTube therefore will post links once they’re completed.

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First seedlings.

Waking up in morning, one of the things I like to do is to check the propagators to see if any have seedlings have broken though. Like most mornings, there’s no change but today the Cucumbers & Runner Beans are racing ahead! That’s pretty quick to say that they were only sown last weekend.

Mini Cucumbers

Runner Beans

All the other seeds I’ve sown last weekend are just starting to show too so maybe I’ve got the timing a little better this year by leaving sowing that little but later? Last year it seemed to be weeks before anything was through.

I spent most of the morning out on my veggie plot giving everything a good tidy up  and moving things around in the greenhouse. I’ve moved the potato grow sacks out of the greenhouse as it’s getting a little too hot in there. So far they’re looking quite well and will continue to earth up as they grow.

Although it’s now looking a little empty in there, it won’t be long before it’s full.

I’ve also had another sowing session which consist of –

Various variety of lettuce and salad leaves.

Spicy leaf mix

Swiss Chard









Moving on to he veggie plots, I’ve sown the early/main crop peas in one half and in the other half, Mange-tout.

I finished of the morning with a little light weeding & feeding of the other beds prior to this weeks sowing. It looks like my tent/netting setup is stopping the cats from leaving me presents!

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Fuji HS-10 1st Impression.

I just got my HS-10 the other day and although i haven’t had much time with it yet i thought I’d post a list of my initial pros & cons at this early stage.


Size and weight is almost the same as my Canon 450d DSLR which for my hands is perfect. The weight is balanced very well and feels sturdy in my hands.

Build quality is very good with plenty of rubber grip. I especially like the rotating command dials and the various button layouts which become second nature to find after such a short time.

Zoom action is very smooth and auto focus although not being ultra fast should be quick enough not to miss that perfect shot. Auto Focus noise isn’t overly loud but then again I’ve never been bothered if it’s silent or not.

Surprisingly, the EVF is very good and updates very well (choice of either 60fps or 30fp) Being used to a glass viewfinder i wasn’t hoping for much but it’s actually better than i expected. The eyepiece could do with being a little bigger but that’s probably only because I’m used to my Canon?

No obvious CA found in any of the high contrast test photos I’ve taken so far.

Pop out LCD screen was found to be very useful when setting up a few macro shots that were low to the ground.

Finepix software is actually quite good & the Raw file converter is on par with Photoshop. I still prefer to manage my collection with Lightroom though.

Choice of GUI colors (black for me) & x2 shutter sounds – although I’ll never get used to those ’simulated’ shutter sounds and much prefer the physical clunk of my DLSR 🙂

Manual focus takes a little while to get used to but works very well. I especially like the option of having the center part of the image auto zoomed to make fine focusing adjustments that little bit more precise.


No rubber on the manual focus ring.

Very thin and rough camera strap, will be replacing this with something more comfortable.

No lens hood (have since found a screw on bayonet type on eBay that will also work with 58mm filters attached).

No printed manual (apart from a brief summary) – Although the .pdf manual version on the CD is good.

No HDMI cable included

Super Slow 1/1000s videos look great on the small LCD (dropped a few pebbles into a bowl of water) but the low resolution means that on a PC or TV it’s a pixellated mess. Shame, but movie mode wasn’t why i brought this camera anyway.

It’s also a shame Fuji doesn’t adopt the standard RAW format.

USB cable is very short (I’d say just over 1.5 ft) O.k if you have a desktop USB hub or USB port on your monitor but I would image you might struggle if you have your PC at floor level under your desk.

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Fuji HS-10 First few sample shots.

Although I still haven’t had the chance to really get to play with my new HS-10, I did take a few test shots whilst having a quick break from gardening this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just simply point & shoot.

Strawberry plants ready for repotting.

Tulip –  birds eye view (non macro)

Grape Hyacinth (crop)


Like I said, nothing too fancy, but will hope to have a little more time tomorrow for a thorough look at all the various options.

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Fuji HS-10 Bridge Camera

Just a quick update to say that I’ve brought a new bridge camera today, the recently released Fujifilm HS-10. I wanted an all singing dancing DLSR shaped camera for for a while now to a) replace my old Fuji 5800 & also for when we’re out and about walking without having to carry a bag full of lens with my Canon 450d.

I’ve not really had chance to take a good look at it yet but the few test shots I took are looking really good .  Lot’s and lots of options to play with so no doubt i’ll be testing them all this weekend and will post a mini review soon.

I’m loving the 24-720mm lens, it’s certainly got some reach on it!

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