More seeds & potatoes

Well it’s been miserable weather these past few days but after spending the weekend in the garden it was just as nice to take it a little easier. Earlier this morning I drove into town to stock up on garden supplies and buy my second batch of seeds prior to this weekends sowing session.

I’ve picked a few varieties the same as last year because of our success and the plentiful crops.

Cucumbers:  Telepathy F1 & Socrates F1. Brilliant last year and had had more than enough to give away. I highly recommend the mini Socrates variety as they grow very fast and crop really well.

Runner Beans: Again, sticking to last years success, the ‘Enorma’ variety provided a very heavy crop throughout the summer. I couldn’t give them away fast enough.

Courgettes: We did really well with the Black Beauty variety last year especially those that I grew in pots in the greenhouse.

Carrots: I’m trying a new Chantenay variety this year. I had so so success last year but learning from my mistakes I hope to have better results this year.

Peas: Need to grow much more of these this year.

Radish: Thought I’d try the  elongated type this year in addition to the regular kind

Sunflower: I lost out to Curstie’s Auntie last year with her 15ft monster beating my piffly little  attempt. This year, the ‘gardening’ gloves are off 🙂

I also picked up these three multi-seed packs.

Cabbages & Marrows are a 1st for me . The marrow will be just grown purely for the sheer fun of it and to see how big I can get one to grow.

Herbs: I can’t imagine a garden or kitchen windowsill without them. This lot should provide me with the basics and will add more later.

I want to grow more and more salad crops this year and will extend the veggie beds with plenty of  tubs & pots. Should be fun to grow the trailing Tomatoes in hanging baskets.

I just need to collect all my seeds together now, swap a few with friends and family and can start sowing soon.

One last job today, I planted the first of the seed potatoes (Salad variety) into the grow sacks and placed them in the greenhouse. First earlies will follow this weekend and the second earlies a couple of weeks thereafter.


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