Another chop-tastic day.

I woke up to glorious sunshine again, so after quick breakfast it was out into the fresh air to finish off cutting down the tree. It was tiring stuff at first especially in my wrists as they were still sore from yesterdays heavy pruning. Armed with a few tunes on mp3 player, I soon got back into the thick of it.

Albiet the very largest logs, it’s amazing how such a large tree can fit into just ten bin bags when chopped into tiny pieces. I did think about scattering the remains under the conifer trees but thought better of it so I loaded up the car and headed out to the recycle centre. Whenever I go there, I can’t stop singing the banjo theme from Deliverance šŸ˜›

After sweeping up and giving the garage a quick tidy the last job on my list today was to fix my car boot. It’s not been closing properly since Friday – hair raising stuff when hitting the speed bumps on the drive home from work!

Stripping back the plastic trim from inside the boot I had a poke around the locking mechanism and I could see that the rod that links the button to lock was very stiff. A quick spray with WD40 and all is working again. I wish every repair job was that easy!

Time for put my feet up and plan out the next few days.


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