Garden cleanup

Another warm spring day today and perfect to weather to get outside and crack on with a few jobs around the garden.  I’ve got a few days off work so weather permitting, lots to get stuck in to.

First on the list is to remove one of the trees in the garden that’s become quite large and blocking views of the garden from the kitchen window. Originally thought to be a slow growing variety of cherry tree it has soon shot up to around 30 feet and being a little bit too close to the house, I’m afraid it has to go. It’s a shame really because it’s just about to blossom but if I don’t do it now, it’ll soon be covered in leaves increasing the amount to get rid of.

Armed with pruning saw, secateurs, loppers (and later in the day, a chainsaw – thanks Andi)  I set about taking off the larger branches whilst Curstie started on the smaller ones. I’ve left the trunk about 9ft at the moment whilst we tidied up the fallen branches. I’m in two minds whether to chop it right down to the ground or to leave about 5ft of trunk and affix new bird table on top.

By 4:00pm we’d been at it for over six hours therefore time to pack up for the evening and start again tomorrow. Rain is predicted for most of tomorrow although checking this evenings forecast shows even more sun.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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