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More seeds & potatoes

Well it’s been miserable weather these past few days but after spending the weekend in the garden it was just as nice to take it a little easier. Earlier this morning I drove into town to stock up on garden supplies and buy my second batch of seeds prior to this weekends sowing session.

I’ve picked a few varieties the same as last year because of our success and the plentiful crops.

Cucumbers:  Telepathy F1 & Socrates F1. Brilliant last year and had had more than enough to give away. I highly recommend the mini Socrates variety as they grow very fast and crop really well.

Runner Beans: Again, sticking to last years success, the ‘Enorma’ variety provided a very heavy crop throughout the summer. I couldn’t give them away fast enough.

Courgettes: We did really well with the Black Beauty variety last year especially those that I grew in pots in the greenhouse.

Carrots: I’m trying a new Chantenay variety this year. I had so so success last year but learning from my mistakes I hope to have better results this year.

Peas: Need to grow much more of these this year.

Radish: Thought I’d try the  elongated type this year in addition to the regular kind

Sunflower: I lost out to Curstie’s Auntie last year with her 15ft monster beating my piffly little  attempt. This year, the ‘gardening’ gloves are off 🙂

I also picked up these three multi-seed packs.

Cabbages & Marrows are a 1st for me . The marrow will be just grown purely for the sheer fun of it and to see how big I can get one to grow.

Herbs: I can’t imagine a garden or kitchen windowsill without them. This lot should provide me with the basics and will add more later.

I want to grow more and more salad crops this year and will extend the veggie beds with plenty of  tubs & pots. Should be fun to grow the trailing Tomatoes in hanging baskets.

I just need to collect all my seeds together now, swap a few with friends and family and can start sowing soon.

One last job today, I planted the first of the seed potatoes (Salad variety) into the grow sacks and placed them in the greenhouse. First earlies will follow this weekend and the second earlies a couple of weeks thereafter.


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Another chop-tastic day.

I woke up to glorious sunshine again, so after quick breakfast it was out into the fresh air to finish off cutting down the tree. It was tiring stuff at first especially in my wrists as they were still sore from yesterdays heavy pruning. Armed with a few tunes on mp3 player, I soon got back into the thick of it.

Albiet the very largest logs, it’s amazing how such a large tree can fit into just ten bin bags when chopped into tiny pieces. I did think about scattering the remains under the conifer trees but thought better of it so I loaded up the car and headed out to the recycle centre. Whenever I go there, I can’t stop singing the banjo theme from Deliverance 😛

After sweeping up and giving the garage a quick tidy the last job on my list today was to fix my car boot. It’s not been closing properly since Friday – hair raising stuff when hitting the speed bumps on the drive home from work!

Stripping back the plastic trim from inside the boot I had a poke around the locking mechanism and I could see that the rod that links the button to lock was very stiff. A quick spray with WD40 and all is working again. I wish every repair job was that easy!

Time for put my feet up and plan out the next few days.

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Garden cleanup

Another warm spring day today and perfect to weather to get outside and crack on with a few jobs around the garden.  I’ve got a few days off work so weather permitting, lots to get stuck in to.

First on the list is to remove one of the trees in the garden that’s become quite large and blocking views of the garden from the kitchen window. Originally thought to be a slow growing variety of cherry tree it has soon shot up to around 30 feet and being a little bit too close to the house, I’m afraid it has to go. It’s a shame really because it’s just about to blossom but if I don’t do it now, it’ll soon be covered in leaves increasing the amount to get rid of.

Armed with pruning saw, secateurs, loppers (and later in the day, a chainsaw – thanks Andi)  I set about taking off the larger branches whilst Curstie started on the smaller ones. I’ve left the trunk about 9ft at the moment whilst we tidied up the fallen branches. I’m in two minds whether to chop it right down to the ground or to leave about 5ft of trunk and affix new bird table on top.

By 4:00pm we’d been at it for over six hours therefore time to pack up for the evening and start again tomorrow. Rain is predicted for most of tomorrow although checking this evenings forecast shows even more sun.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Portrait / Wedding photography books.

It’s my birthday today and such was the surprise when I came home this evening to find huge pile of cards and gifts waiting for me. Amongst them are a collection of books about wedding photography, portrait photography, digital editing &  inspirational photography workshops. This lot should keep me in reading material for weeks and hopefully what I take from them will last for years.

Many thanks to my wife Curstie and all my family for such wonderful gifts.

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The frog invasion begins!

When the frogs move in to the pond, springtime is surely here. Our garden pond must  be a happy place because year after year,we get even more visitors than the previous year. It’s hard to count them all, but I got to about 60 before I suspect I was counting the same one twice. At this rate they just outnumber the fish but everyone seems to be getting alone nicely.

I read somewhere that only 1 egg in 1000 will ever survive to become a mature adult. It’s yucky stuff though!

Time to retreat and to give Mr & Mrs a little privacy!

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On your bike!

Both Curstie and I are off work this week so at the weekend we’d brought ourselves a couple of mountain bikes. After collecting them yesterday and giving them the once over we took them out for a spin in the evening and then again this morning around our local lake.

Lots of fun and I’m sure they’ll be plenty of biking adventures to come….now, if only I could get this damn cycle computer to work! (edit -I’ve just got it working, the gap between the magnet & sensor needed a tweak).

Curstie’s bike –  mine is pretty much the same but an all black model.

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