Potato grow kits have arrived and a very useful addition!

Last weeks order from Marshalls (http://marshalls-seeds.co.uk) arrived this weekend, containing my Potato grow kits & Aubergine seeds. Over the next week or so I’ll start chitting them to give them a kick-start before planting out in March/April – but depending on weather conditions, I might move them into the greenhouse first before they go outside.

(Blurry) shot of a small section from the kit. The box at the top right is where I keep my seeds packets/unused seed.

Whilst emptying the courier box I noticed this rather interesting all weather growing guide.

Simply by rotating the ‘inner’ wheel to the desired crop, information on when to sow (indoors & outside), transplant and harvest is displayed.

In the centre of the wheel contains details on planting depth & spacing.

As freebies go, this is fantastic! – Thanks Marshalls


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