Macro Extension Tube Set

Whilst I research and decide which 1:1 macro lens I’d like to get for my DSLR, I thought I’d try out a set of Macro Extension tubes that can be found on online for a fraction of the cost.

The set contains tubes with lengths of 9mm, 16mm & 30mm and male/female EOS EF mounts. Each tube can be used independently or stacked giving a total of eight mounting combination’s.

Out of the box and ready for use.

The extension tubes doesn’t contain any  electronics to bridge the gap between lens and camera body therefore aperture has to be set prior to fitting the extensions (although i guessing that isn’t the case if the lens has a manual aperture ring?) and focusing is done manually only rather than auto.

I didn’t have a great deal of time this evening therefore the following test shots are a little blurred as they were taken hand held. Hopefully this weekend I’ll try them again using my tripod & remote shutter cable.  I’ve used all three extensions combined with my EF-50mm prime lens for the shots below.

Lens cover

Guitar string

Fuji 5800 camera dial

Guitar tuning peg

iPod Shuffle (2nd generation)


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  1. 1

    gene said,

    I must get me some of those tubes.. Seems like one can have some serious fun with that!!

  2. 2

    SmallBig said,

    Hi there..

    I have been looking at Macro Tube Lens as well, as macro lenses are so expensive. Would you please tell me what brand you used? I have a Cannon EOS 400D (EF-S 18-55) I am not r”real” photo guy like yourself, but I play about .. I have a 58mm lenz it came with.. will this work with on of thos lenzes?

    • 3

      stiggyworld said,

      Hey there. Despite having Canon lens caps on the extension tubes it looks like they are a mass produced variant. The branding on the package box reads ‘Sifrng’. I’ve never heard of them but they seem to fit my Canon 450d body o.k. and i’ve tested with my Canon EF-S 18-55mm, my EF-50mm and my Tamron 28-300mm. It’s a standard EOS fit therefore will work with a range of Canon camera’s including your 400D. Just bear in mind that you won’t be able to use the image stabilization feature on your 18-55mm or the auto focus. Other than that, for a very low cost solution, I’d recommend you try a set. I’m really happy with mine.

      Here’s the link for the eBay shop i purchased mine from –

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