Dirty water

Inspired by one of the many great photographs @project365, I really wanted to try something similar myself using a glass and water.

Tripod mounted, 1/200 F/4.5 65mm ISO100 – With all the lights switched off I used my camera’s pop up flash.

Next time I’ll aim to get more of an explosion of water.

Dirty water – with thanks to Gene.

With the lights still off & dinner cooking on the stove, I noticed how cool the gas rings looked in the darkness. Almost like a neon flower.


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  1. 1

    gene said,

    hey.. the water in the glass looks cool!!!

    Did you have the mop at hand đŸ™‚

    How did you edit the photo? I really like the “Old” feel to it!

    The flames looks amazing!
    Thats one thing I’m still struggling with, taking nice photos of flames!

    Think I’ll make that a practice for one day!!

    • 2

      stiggyworld said,

      Hi Gene, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

      For the ‘Dirty Water’ picture I followed your example, converted to mono & tweaked the levels with Lightwave. For the grimy overlay, I’d found/downloaded a few textures whilst browsing deviantart.

      I opened the glass picture in Photoshop then i opened the texture file as a separate layer.

      I then selected the overlay blending option in the layer palette to combine both images & then adjusted the opacity for the texture layer until i got things looking about right. Then it just a few more adjustments to the levels that was about it.

      I’ve not tried this before with textures but it’s something I’m going to do again.

      Thanks again for the inspiration!

  2. 3

    gene said,

    No problem!!! Looking forward to it..

    Thanks for the info… Also want to try it sometime, gives a nice final touch to the photo, and some character!

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