Odd jobs.

I haven’t posted for a while as it’s been a little hectic of late. I did my 4th wedding shoot at the weekend (the 50mm lens really came handy especially in the dimly lit reception hall). If my friends, the bride & groom allow me to, i’ll upload a few.  Apart from that, I’ve not actually had much free time to use my new lens so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do so soon.

The snow has finally melted and the temperatures have actually increased to the point of being able to spend a little bit longer in the garden. Looking round, there’s a few iffy areas that need a bit of attention.  I’m hoping the weather holds enough to get out there this weekend for a bit of a ‘pre-spring’ clean. Also, at this time of year, I usually declutter the garage (in winter there’s less chance of being cornered by a spider looking for a fight 🙂

The outside tap is in need of repair because the brass fitting which keeps the water pipe attached seems to have disappeared! I’ve also got the wire mesh ‘cages’ to erect and place over the veggie beds as well as a general tidy up around the paths (I must remember to add a few more bags of gravel this year). Speaking of veggie beds, I’m off to get myself a coffee, pen & paper and continue to plan for this years planting.


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