New toys!

Finally, after what seems an ages (actually it’s only been a week), my Canon EF f1.8 50mm mkII arrived this evening. I’m really pleased with the results of my initial test shots but will be taking it to work tomorrow so I can get to grips with my new toy.  I hope to post a few pictures over the next few days.

I’ve also received this years Mr. Fothergill’s Fruit, Veg and Flowers catalogues to muse over during these cold winter months as I make plans for this years garden and my second year of crop growing.

…and as an added bonus, especially as I’m taking an even greater interest in the wildlife that’s visiting our garden (even better if I can get to photograph it),  Curstie’s gift of a RHS Birds & Wildlife book she gave me this evening topped off my day quite nicely.

It’s strange really, you pick up a book, scan over the pictures and pretty much think nothing of it. Now, I’m finding  that I’m looking at the composition, lighting etc and taking inspiration from them. It’s the same, for example with gardening magazines at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy the subject, the articles contained and advice given but I’m also in awe of the photography. Weird, but great !!


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    gene said,

    Looking forward to seeing some images soon made with your 50mm!!!

    I too received a book about Birds for our part of the world a few weeks ago, and it’s kind of interesting to see what birds visit my garden and to actually know what they are..
    There is a bird sanctuary close to where I live, and I think I will take my camera and go take some photos one day, and then I can look in the book while viewing the images to see how many different types of birds I shot!!

  2. 2

    Stiggy said,

    Hi Steve,
    I find looking at odd things inspiring – like you said, some of the photography in magazines, catalogues or whatever can make you think of subjects you might not have thought about…

    …keep up the good work!


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