Birdwatching – Fieldfare.

Our new visitor to the garden returned with a few friends this morning so I dashed to get my camera and fitted my telephoto lens. I was hoping to get outside and get a little closer to them but the noise of the snow & ice underfoot scared them off.  These shots were taken inside and through the Kitchen window. I found a shutter speed of around 200-250th/sec was o.k hand held but in hindsight, I wished I’d lowered the ISO and increased the EV as this might have enabled me to select an even faster shutter speed (Is this correct?) Most are f5.6 at 300mm

We also had our regular Blackbirds swooping down to the pond for a drink.

One of the many Collared Dove’s in the area keeping an eye on things.

The weird looking icicles under the roof line have come down in one mighty crash but I did managed to take a few shots earlier this morning.  Some of them were almost horizontal and touching the window.


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  1. 1

    Nice shots. It can be hard to get outside without scaring the birds away,

  2. 2

    stiggyworld said,

    Thank you very much. They’re a bit blurred and the high ISO has left me with a lot of noise so I’ll try & steady the camera a bit better next time!

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