3rd Camera Lens – Nifty Fifty

Thanks to a combined pool of £££ received at Christmas from family, I’ve ordered a new prime lens for my Canon DLSR.

It’s Canon’s EF 50mm f1.8 Mk2

I’ve been looking at adding a few prime lens to my collection and this fast F/1.8 lens should start me off nicely. I’ve read umpteen reviews and the consensus seems to be that it’s great value for money, very fast, great in low light/indoors and optics that provides razor-sharp photos – despite looking like something that came out of a very cheap Christmas cracker.

The delivery date is Friday so hopefully I’ll receive it before the weekend to try out. I’ve also got a wedding to attend to on the 16th therefore I’ll be adding this to my bag.

Roll on Friday!


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  1. 1

    gene said,

    I have the same one, very very cool lens. I love it!! It’s good everywhere, the only problem I have is in very low light conditions, it struggles to focus quickly, but only when it’s almost total darkness. and you don’t often go into dungeons to take photos 🙂
    otherwise it’s an awesome lens! Enjoy!!

  2. 2

    Stiggy said,

    Hi Steve,
    Hope you had a good Christmas, and a fun New Year!

    Nice looking lens there matey – I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with it!


  3. 3

    stiggyworld said,

    Thanks Gene. It was supposed to arrive today but alas, nothing from the postman – must be all the heavy snow we’re having here in the UK.

    Looking forward to taking it for a test drive!



  4. 4

    stiggyworld said,

    Thanks matey, had a great Christmas thank you very much. Lots of cool toys to play with so keeping me busy somewhat.

    Hope you had one a good one too. Your blog has been a bit quiet lately so i’m guessing it’s all been v.busy on the farm!

    ..and yep, really looking forward to playing with the new lens when it arrives. With all this snow, plenty of photo opportunities out there!

    Take care



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