More snow please.

Even more snow today and no sign of it stopping for the next day or two. It’s started to really fall around 10am this morning & within a few hours was starting to cause all manner of problems on the roads. I had to nip out at lunchtime to pick up a few spares for a job I’m doing at work and wished I hadn’t –  it was gridlock. Fortunately when I left in the evening, most folk had decided to give up for the day and gone home so traffic was very light.

Imagine a huge car park devoid of all cars and covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Now imagine me, with a huge grin on my face driving as fast as I could,  turning the wheel and a little bit of handbreak – rally-tastic! I could have been there for hours!

I’m hoping that they’ll be enough snow on the ground by the weekend so we can go out walking the Derbyshire Dales again. We don’t usually get that much snow here so everytime we do, we like to make the most of it.

Here’s a few more photo’s from Sunday’s visit to Chatsworth Park, Derbyshire.

Walking around the grounds.

Bridge of the river Derwent

Chatsworth House

One of the many statues atop the walled gardens

Walking back to the coffee-house

Behind this door, hot coffee and chocolate fudge cake!

….leaving some for the birds of course.


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