Linby Village at night.

Linby is a pretty little village that’s nestled between the town of Hucknall & the village of Papplewick. Great effort has been expended in preserving its condition and character – from the listed stone buildings and old-fashioned sign posts to the cast iron street lighting. It has also received several rewards including the title of Nottinghamshire’s Best Kept Village.

Local rumor has it that Linby was the origin of the pancake which was first made there to honor the women of the village who defeated the Danish invaders after the men had fled! On this cold night it was almost barren apart from a couple of old ladies walking home. I kept an eye on them in case they drew swords 🙂

Growing up in Hucknall myself, Linby was within walking distance and a perfect place to take for summer evening walk and maybe a pint or two in the Horse & Groom inn. Although at this time of year, sitting in front of the roaring open fires is more like it. It’s also close by to where I work so perfect for a Friday lunchtime visit too!

We drove through Linby on Boxing day on our way to a party at my parents house, & seeing the village lit up with Christmas lights I thought I’d return before they were taken down.

Village Christmas Tree

Linby Docks

St Michael’s Church – build around the XII century.

Long exposure capturing passing car light trails.


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