Snow…well almost!

Heavy snow has been predicted to hit parts of the  UK from this evening & many areas of the country are already seeing their first winter shower since February. It started here around noon & promptly finished about five minutes later. However, since then it seems to be coming and going in drifts and at present, there’s a thin dusting covering the ground. We won’t be rushing out with carrot & coal just yet though!

I recall  the last time we were blessed with picturesque snow at Christmas  was around 1979 or 1980. I was only five or six at the time & can remember visiting aunts & uncles houses for Boxing day parties clutching my newly acquired Action Man (or GI Joe) and the fear of losing it whilst be towed along on a sleigh.

But for now, one can only hope for a white christmas!

No quite a white-out on our garden chair.


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