More winter cleanup

Expecting Curstie’s Christmas present to be delivered today so I didn’t want to stray away from the house for fear of missing the delivery chap.

Whilst I waited in, I thought I’d best crack on with a few jobs out in the garden during my week off work. Today was jet washing day, primarily the front paths.

The front of our house faces north so the paths do get in a bit of a state if left alone and it’s been a while since done them. Wrapped up against this chilly air I made a start on the worst area by clearing the decaying leaves first & then hitting the moss with the jet wash. Although it was very cold and constantly getting soaked  from the backwash of the jetwash, it was actually quite fun!

About 2 hours later into the job, the delivery man arrived bearing gifts so I deposited in the house until after I’d finishing outside. After I’d finished I didn’t realise actually how wet I was. Next time I’ll put on my water proofs!

By the time I’d packed away, time was cracking on & not wanting Curstie to arrive home from work with her new laptop on display, I quickly hid it so she’s not tempted to have a peek before the 25th. Of course, I had a sneaky peek but that was just to make sure it wasn’t damaged & it booted o.k. – honest!

I’ll get it set up tomorrow, wrap it & place it under the tree.

More garden cleanup planned for tomorrow….unless snow falls as the weather forecast seems to be predicting. If so, I’m off out into the Peak District with my camera.


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