Winter clean up

The weather doesn’t look good this weekend but I’m hoping it stays dry enough to get stuck into a few jobs outside.

The pond is in need of a pre winter clean to removing the fading Lillie pads and other plant material that will sit & rot if I don’t remove it. I also need to lift & clean the two pumps (I usually only keep one running over winter) & the two filter boxes need a pre winter checkup.

The greenhouse has been cleared so I’ve enough room to move most of the outside pots & tubs inside away from the impending frosts. With the addition of a heater & a small collection of bubble wrap i’ve been saving i think we should be o.k.

We also have a blocked drain that needs attention which feeds from the kitchen. I’m thinking it’s a mixture of leaves from the outside guttering combined with kitchen & washing machine waste is to blame.

Pretty much all of the trees in the garden have shed there leaves so it’s one more rake/garden vac job.

Noticed the holly tree is bearing a bumper crop of berries so lots of Christmas wreaths this year.

The garden paths could do with a jet wash.

The veggie beds  lie pretty much empty now which no doubt our cats will take a shine to. Nylon netting doesn’t seem to be doing the trick so I’ll construct some sort of chicken mesh guard.

A little light pruning & i think that it.



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