HDR Processing – 2nd attempt.

Using some of the photo’s from our rescent trip to Edinburgh, I thought i’d have another go at HDR processing using Photomatix.

For each picture I set my camera to take three consecutive bracketed shots at  -1, 0, & +1 or -2, 0 & +2 exposures and used Photomatix to merge the image as one. Although I haven’t got to grips with the tone mapping options yet it’s quite  fun seeing what weird and wonderful compositions  can be made.

My first attempt and the sky was a little flat so importing the image to Photoshop and adjusting the levels on a layer for the sky has brought some of it back.


This next one is the Acropolis at Carlton Hill. I’ve probably over done this one a little.

IMG_5416_HDR2 (1024x681)

Slightly muted this time and more realistic. I particularly like the lighting around the bottom two windows.

IMG_5405_HDR (681x1024)

This is the Chapel ruin at Holyrood house. I’m not to sure about this one though, the floor just doesn’t seem to match the rest of the photo.

IMG_5503_hdr1 (682x1024)

This stunning cathedral was a stone throw away from our hotel. The man, sitting at the door way gave me a quizzical look and couldn’t understand why my camera had clicked three times for each picture.

IMG_5482_HDR2 (684x1024)

This is probably my favorite. I love the bright golden shades against the blackened stone on this Gothic monument found on Princes Street.

IMG_5520_HDR2 (679x1024)


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