Edinburgh Day 1 – Night Life

For Curstie’s birthday, we decided to revisit Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days of sight seeing & shopping. We last visited Edinburgh as part of our honeymoon and was eager to come back to visit some of the places we missed and revisit some of the places we loved – and there’s  quite a few!

I’ll be posting a selection of the 400 odd photo’s I’d taken which thanks to Adobe Lightroom, is making my editing workflow so much easier. I’ll also be posting a few that I took specifically to practise HDR, Tilt-Shift and Black/White compositions.

Our first day started around 4am, getting everything packed and ready to roll at around 5:30am to take the 266 mile journey up the A1.

Once we’d checked into the hotel (about 5 hours later and numbed legs) we took a stroll around to find somewhere for lunch. Prince’s street on this Saturday afternoon was jammed packed with ‘natives’ and tourists alike and we bounced happily along taking in the sites and sounds of this vibrant city. We dipped into the quieter Rose Street to find something to eat, which was  somewhat challenging as most places were either full or had waiting times of an up to an hour. Hungry from the drive up, we sampled our first Scottish cuisine in BHS!

It was also bitterly cold out with a biting wind (must be getting old!) and it reminded me to take advantage of the free wireless connection in our room to check the weather conditions for next few days – Thankfully, glorious sunshine predicted.

After our evening meal we headed out again into the city lights for a relaxing stroll around the Georgian splendor of New Town, Princes Street and The Mound.

Tired from the early start and the drive up, I can’t remember my head hitting the pillow!


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  1. 1

    Stiggy said,

    Those really are some great shots fella – what settings did you use for them?

    Looks like you had fun!


    • 2

      stiggyworld said,

      Thanks Dude! – I mainly used the auto Portrait/Landscape modes but throughout the holiday i practiced using a combination of Aperture/Shutter Priority modes. I think most of the night shots were ISO 200, at 4/5 sec exposure. The light trail shot on day 4 were taken at 10 sec exposure. I didn’t have my tripod with me so I had to use whatever i had to hand included a box of Scottish Shortcake biscuits – which I’m scoffing as i type!

      I’ll be messing with photoshop over the weekend because I’ve saved a few really good photos for HDR

  2. 3

    Stiggy said,

    Do you use RAW a lot?

    I tried it out the other day in PS the other day – wow can you change everything or what!?


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