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New banner picture

Another banner picture change. This time, one of the many sunset photos i’d taken in May

See post –

The nights are drawing in and the sun is setting earlier in the evening so hopefully I’ll get chance to get out again and take a few more without having to wait until 9-10pm ala summertime.


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Last greenhouse pickings

Autumn is upon us and as each day passes, pickings in the greenhouse are becoming lighter and lighter. There’s a few Tomatoes & Peppers left but I think this evening I’ve picked the last for this year. It’s quite sad really because I’ve enjoyed nipping out most evening to see what’s ripe.

Overall, I haven’t done too bad. I lost a few to blight but because I’d grown quite a few  there was still plenty to go around. The plum style Roma Tomatoes didn’t crop very heavy but we’ve enjoyed plenty of the Money Maker type.  I think next year I’d like to grow a little less vine tomatoes and add in a few compact bush varieties to maximize my greenhouse space.

Here’s the last few added to the fridge this evening (with a spray of mist for artistic flair 🙂

IMG_5085 (1024x740)

The peppers have cropped really well but I wouldn’t say they were giant monsters like you see at the super market or markets. However, it’s my first time so i’ll research a little more for next years attempt.

Ideally this weekend the veggie beds need a good tidying up and now that we’ve defrosted the freezer I’ll removing the last crop of runner beans to freeze for Christmas lunch – I can’t believe I’ve just mentioned Christmas as early as September..d’oh there I go again !

Speaking of Christmas (now I’ve done it) I’ve noticed the shops have started to bring out the festive goodies already. At this rate is won’t be long before they don’t ever bother packing them away.

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I’ve been quite busy of late so had a lot of free time to post  etc. I’ll catch up over the next few days.

Messing with my camera on Sunday afternoon photographing odd bits and bobs from around the house. Most of them turned out to be nothing worth keeping but I did like the one below showing part of an old sextant.


Again, pretty pointless but hey, it just fun to shot anything. This is our wireless keyboard/trackball we use on our HTPC


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