Around the garden at the end of July

Thankfully no rain today so I had a few hours enjoying the sunshine and pottering about in the garden. Here’s a few photo’s taken this morning.

Although my Peppers were slow to start, they’re really starting to swell now.

IMG_4432 (683x1024)

I love these little orange flowers that are dotted around the pond after  I rescued the bulbs last Feb during digging for the new veggie plot.

IMG_4442 (1024x683)

IMG_4476 (1024x683)

Our wooden barrel pond. The lack on sunshine this month hasn’t allowed the solar pump do it magic to keep the water clear so I’ll tend to it tomorrow.

IMG_4437 (1024x683)

We planted these giant Fuchsias last year and this year they’ve been even better.

IMG_4443 (733x1024)

The Cucumber invasion continues 🙂

IMG_4449 (683x1024)

Come on sweetcorn, grow grow grow!

IMG_4451 (1024x683)

Finally, after thinking I’d planted to late we have Peas 🙂

IMG_4452 (1024x683)

I was trying to get in close with my Macro filter but the wind was to strong and kept knowing the sunflower out of focus.

IMG_4454 (1024x732)

A mass of Lillie pads in our pong. I divided the tubers in Spring apart from this one, it’s need doing next year by the looks of it.

IMG_4462 (1024x683)

More pond plants

IMG_4463 (1024x683)

Onion head taken with my Macro +10 macro filter

IMG_4481 (Large)

Daisy, taken again with my Macro filters stacked +1, +2, +4 and+10

IMG_4502 (1024x683)

Our seed grown Dahlias haven’t done very well this year. The one below was from last years plant tuber that I saved over winter.

IMG_4497 (1024x732)

Still quite a bit more work to be done in the garden tomorrow so please NO MORE RAIN 😛


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