Veggie plot update – Mid July

It’s been a few weeks since posting an update about the veggie plot and with all the mixed weather we’ve been having of late it’s really kick started the growth. Here’s a selection of pictures I took whilst watering this evening.

My Enorma runner beans are being picked every other day and are growing so fast it’s as if you can almost see them grow! I’ll have plenty to give away at this rate and any glut I’ll Blanche/freeze  for winter.

IMG_4379 (683x1024)

Getting ready for this evening dinner.

IMG_4376 (1024x683)

The tomatoes aren’t ready yet, put it looks like they’ll be plenty to go around, especially the Money Maker variety below.

IMG_4384 (1024x683)

The ‘Roma’ variety seem to be lagging behind a little but I counted about twenty starting to appear this afternoon. The Russian varieties are pretty impressive but are they supposed to be this big?

IMG_4386 (1024x683)

The sweetcorn cobs are also starting to appear. I read on a few blog’s that you can ‘help’ mother nature by transferring pollen from the top of the plant to the the silks below so I’ve been doing this over the past few days. It’s strangely addictive 😛

IMG_4381 (683x1024)

IMG_4382 (683x1024)

Unlike the other Courgette plants, I have one that doesn’t seem to be producing anything but male flowers. To my delight, I noticed this little fella tucked away under a leaf. Looks like they’re might be another one coming on the right too.

IMG_4389 (1024x683)

I’m still hoping that I haven’t  sowed my peas to late (late may) especially as my Mum seems to have a bumper crop this year. Flowers are just starting to form so hopefully peas to follow.

IMG_4390 (1024x683)

IMG_4393 (1024x683)

IMG_4387 (683x1024)

My folk visiting for the afternoon with my niece, Lucy. Nobody goes home empty handed!!

IMG_4311 (708x1024)

IMG_4395 (1024x683)


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