Pickings continue.

It’s certainly been another hot one this week but the fruit and veg seems to be coping just fine. Earlier in the week I picking our the first courgette and this evening, a big fat cucumber to add to our salad!

DSCF1573 (Large)

DSCF1592 (Large)

It’s been so warm in the evenings,  I sat outside yesterday evening around 11pm and the temp gauge was up around 22c and 27C in my study. I’m glad my occupation involves time spent in a computer room kept at a very cool 15-17c – Not so nice in winter though 🙂

I’ve also been looking after my parents garden this week whilst they’re on holiday and have been visiting early in the morning before and after  work. Both my parents are very keen gardeners and have been for as long as I can remember. Everything always looks immaculate and I know they both spend nearly all there days just pottering about…sounds bliss to me! Many years ago they purchased a plot of land at the very end of the garden they use for growing all kind of fruit and veg from Gooseberries to Pak Choi. Tomorrow I’m going to take along my camera with me as they they have a few plant schemes I’d like to try myself next year.

Our own garden is looking great this year too. The mid-late summer bulbs i planted back in April are starting to appear so hopefully prolonging the show. I’ve not really had time to make up our hanging baskets this year so I’ve brought a few from a local boot sale. They’re rather large but at £6.00 each I thought they were very reasonable. Pickings on the veggie plots are increasing becoming available and it’s so nice to go out to the bottom of the garden to see what we fancy.

We also celebrate our first wedding anniversary next week so it’s my last day at work tomorrow before breaking up for the week. After a very busy June, I think we’re both ready for a well deserved rest.


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