Veggie plot update – what’s for dinner?

It’s been another hot one today and the weather forecast is looking good until the weekend when heavy thunderstorms are predicted (would love to photograph a lightning storm). With all this sunshine I keep expecting to come home from work and find the greenhouse full of wilting plants but everything is looking good so far so I’ll keep up my twice daily watering regime, damping down the greenhouse and weekly feeding.

Our first mini cucumber was ready for picking and with perfect timing because we’d run out of the ones I’d brought from the supermarket.  There’s plenty more to come  on each plant so hopefully lots more for many salads over the summer months.

From plant…..

IMG_3636 (1024x683)

…to kitchen table….fantastic !!

IMG_3645 (1024x683)

…and a few more on the way!

IMG_3637 (1024x872)

Of the larger cucumber variety, one is about 8″ long and starting to fatten up and grow longer each day. Again, I counted about eight to follow. I was a bit concerned at first because it looked a bit…well…knobbly. However, with each day the bumps and ridges are smoothing out.

IMG_3638 (1024x683)

..with hope, more large varieties to come.

IMG_3640 (1024x683)

The runner beans are still coming along nicely although not many beans yet. There’s about 10 I can see but there only about 4-5″ long at the moment.

I’ve mainly been getting a lot of male flowers on the courgette plants but no courgettes. However, checking today, I found this little fella tucked underneath a leaf.

IMG_3639 (1024x683)

The other courgette plant seems to be doing better.

IMG_3642 (1024x683)

The Sweet peas and sugar snap peas are roaring on and are now wrapping themselves around the supports and string I fashioned last Sunday. I love how they cling to anything.

IMG_3643 (1024x683)

There’s plenty of flowers on the tomato plants and I spotted my first tomato the other day on the ‘Money Maker’ variety.

IMG_3641 (1024x683)

Most other things in the veggie beds are coming along nicely and I’m loving nipping out in the garden each day to add something to our evening dinner. Even if it’s only a handful of chives or a few strawberries I’m totally hooked 🙂

IMG_3647 (1024x683)

I’m thinking back to when I created my little plot on graph paper, all the work involved (see clearing the veggie plot posts) and the first greenhouse vs wind fiasco but it’s all come together and we’re starting to reap the rewards. This is the first time I’ve ever grown anything and am loving every minute.

IMG_3649 (872x1024)


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