Celebration weekend.

I’m hoping this weekend is going to be a cracker. Firstly, my friends Andi & Lisa got married yesterday  and they’ve asked me do the photography for them. Secondly, my sister-in-law is about to have their first child which could appear any minute now. We both waiting by the phone  but nothing yet.

I’m really chuffed to be asked to photograph the wedding but at the same time quite nervous being new to photography and not to make a right hash of it on my friends special day. I met with them a few weeks ago to discuss the types of shots they’d like throughout the day. I’m guessing like most weddings, they wanted a mixture of formal and informal shots. Curstie helped me out with the informal shots using my spare camera so I could concentrate on getting setup and rounding everyone up- My time limit after the ceremony would only be 15 minutes before the next wedding party arrived.

The day started off very early for me with a quick call to the groom to see if he was o.k. and offers to help setup the reception room. Then I gave my gear one final check to make sure I had everything and lens/filters were cleaned and the camera settings were reset to starting default.

My camera bag is looking a bit tatty and doesn’t have enough room for everything so I finished work early on Friday afternoon for a last minute trip into town to pick up a new bag I’ve been interested in which is the LowePro Slingshot Aw200.

Slingshot Aw200

By mid-morning I drove to the brides house to begin with some early pre wedding shots. Lisa looked absolutely stunning in her dress and their three children were very well behaved allowing me to take lots of shots. Next, I had to follow the bride and family to where they’d be meeting the horse and carriage that would be taking them to the registry office. It’s a shame the weather turned to rain but with jacket covering my camera I was able to continue shooting.

Next was quite literally a horse race as I had to get to the registry office before the bride so I could set up and be ready for when she arrives.At least the rain had stopped by now.

Andi was looking rather nervous when I checked in on him but after brief chat he seemed to turn less green!

The actual ceremony went without any problems and my friends are now Mr & Mrs.

Outside, with rain again on it’s way and a strict time limit to keep, I was running around and barking orders to get various groups in order. Although by far the most stressful part, it really was fun to do and poking fun at myself was rewarded with some fantastic smiles.

Chasing after the horse and carriage containing the happy couple like some crazy paparazzi was something i’ll always remember!

Despite a few hiccups with the entertainment the reception went very well and I was able to tick of even more photo’s from the shopping list that the couple had given me. By the end of the day (11pm) I was completely shattered.

Here’s a few examples of photo’s I took –

IMG_3218 (599x1024)

The happy couple – Mr & Mrs Calladine.

IMG_3271_pp (Large)


Praying that I’d not left the lens cap on!


IMG_3446 (1024x683)

Here’s a few taken by Curstie of me running around!

Now..who’s turn is it to be nervous!


DSCF1418 (Large)

Run Run RUN!

DSCF1438 (Large)

Phew…I need a drink



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