Crop update.

Just a few more photos taken earlier today of various things in the greenhouse and veggie plot.

All my Tomato plants seem to be doing quite well. The four Russian varieties given to me by a work collegue seem to have larger flower than those I’ve seen before. They almost look like Sunflowers.   I not sure what variety they are so am really excited to see how these grow…..and taste!

IMG_2990 (Large)

We’re continuing to pull out a bumper crop of Radishes which taste amazing. I’m sowing replacements everytime I lift a few out.

IMG_2986 (Large)

My mini cumumbers are about 2″ long. They should be ready for picking at about 5-6″

IMG_2988 (Large)

More mini Cucumbers

IMG_2992 (Large)

Our strawberries taste sooo good…need to grows LOTS more of these next year.

IMG_3001 (Large)

As well as regular watering and feeding, I’ve been damping down the greenhouse in the morning and late afternoon when I get in from work. I’m a little worried about the rising temps inside the greenhouse though and it’s only mid June.

IMG_2987 (Large)


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