B Movie

Having a very busy day out in the garden yesterday trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pond pumps and generally having a bit of a tidy up around the flower beds I was so glad to be off work today to take a breather.

Early this morning I happened to be out in the garden with my camera and noticed a number of bees buzzing around what must be a very popular plant for them. Eager to try out my new Macro filters I’d see how close I could get without disturbing them. I used my +10 filter for the following shots, hand held at ISO 100 and continuous shooting mode.

Buff-tailed Bee


Common carder bee


White-tailed bee




I’m sat in a comfy armchair with a coffee, my laptop and a copy of the BBC Gardeners World magazine which a friend at work kindly brought me for giving her a few spare plants. There’s quite an interesting article on the decline of bee population  and it pictures six of the most common to the UK which I’ve used to try and identify the ones I’ve photographed.

Ideally I’d like to get even closer –  maybe with all my filters stacked,  use my tripod, pre-focus on an area and then sit posed with my remote shutter release  so I don’t get my hands this close again !!


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