Courgettes & Cucumbers

Out watering the plants in the greenhouse and I noticed some new additions tucked amongst the leaves.

Our 1st cucumber! – F1 Telegraph Pole

IMG_2744 (1024x683)

..and another!

IMG_2740 (1024x807)

Mini variety of Cucumber – Socrates F1

IMG_2741 (1024x683)

Courgettes in flower


One of the three courgette plants we’re growing.

IMG_2752 (1024x683)

Some of the salad crops

IMG_2747 (1024x683)


IMG_2751 (1024x683)

Advice needed…do I need to space out my Tomatoes a little more?

IMG_2754 (1024x683)

A couple of the roses are now in bloom, there’s plenty of buds this year so hopefully lots more to come.

IMG_2759 (1024x683)

Water Lillie in our pond. We usually have a red variety too but no sign of them yet.

IMG_2732 (683x1024)


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