Our first crop!

By ‘crop’ I mean…well see for yourself 🙂

IMG_2731 (1024x671)

IMG_2730 (1024x783)

Yes, I know it’s only two Radishes, but these are the first vegetable I’ve ever grown so we’re all rather excited about it. I pulled a few more up and we added them to this evenings side salad.

Out on the plot, the Sweetcorn are roaring, each plant is around 2.5 ft now. The Courgettes are showing their first flowers as too are some of the Toms. Peas and Sugar Snaps are just starting to emerge and the Onions and Beetroot are looking very well to. In general everything else is looking quite healthy and am quite please with hows thing are going.

We’re also debating weather the very small green round pods forming on the Olive tree are actually olives…hope they are:-)

What I’m really enjoying doing is giving away some of my spare plants to family, work friends and neighbour’s.  Some have given plants back in return which of course isn’t necessary but very kind of them.  Our neighbour swapped me a Courgette plant for a Clematis 🙂


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