Around the garden in May

Walking round the garden this evening with my camera.

This little fella might be a bit camera shy. As long as he sticks to the ivy and not my Hosta’s we’ll be happy.

IMG_2409 (1024x683)

I can’t ever remember sowing these dark purple and white Aquilega. We have a pink variety that I collected seeds from last year and them spread around the garden so I’m at a total loss.

IMG_2420 (1024x683)

Likewise with this colour too!

IMG_2415 (1024x683)

One of many Alliums about to unfold.

IMG_2449 (1024x683)

Water ‘forget-me-nots’ in the barrel pond

IMG_2410 (683x1024)

I’m not sure what this is called, but make excellent ground cover.

IMG_2451 (1024x683)

Pink Aquilega…I sooo want a macro lens!

IMG_2436 (929x1024)

Another one I need to research it’s name.

IMG_2417 (1024x683)

No Lillie flowers in the pond yet but I can see about fifteen heads just below the pond surface.

IMG_2428 (683x1024)

oops, got to go – someone want their dinner !!

IMG_2508 (1024x683)


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