Cooling off at the sea side.

After a hot and busy day out in the garden we decided to take a leisurely drive toΒ  nearest coastline for a well deserved meander along the cool seafront….and of course, fish & chips πŸ™‚

We left around 5pm and drove the 82 mile trip chatting happily on the way and commenting on the old houses and farmlands as we drove through east Nottinghamshire and in to Lincolnshire. At this time of the day, the roads were empty on our side but convoys of traffic reaching over miles were coming from the opposite direction.Β  No doubt the scores of people heading back from a fun day at the coast.

A road diversion led us through the town of Boston, a place we’ve never been before. I can tell you there was plenty of ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’s ‘ as we past endless rows of old huge Georgian town houses.

At 7pm we arrived and parked up on the sea front car park which we almost had to ourselves – I bet it wasn’t like this this morning. A couple who were just leaving gave us their ticket which didn’t expire until 10pm…really nice of them!

We took a stroll along the sea front and up onto the pier which, like the car park, we had to ourselves. Whilst Curtsie took in the views out to sea and enjoyed the refreshing sea breeze I snapped off a few shots with my camera.

The picture below looked a bit flat when I got home. A black and white conversion looked quite nice but I much prefer this Lomo/Cross-Processes effect I applied later today with Photoshop.

IMG_2534_lomo (1024x662)

It was getting quite chilly up on the Pier and the sea air certainly was giving us an appetite. You can’t not have Fish ‘n’ Chips when you go to the sea side so we walked down to our favorite chip shop, ordered and got stuck in….heaven πŸ™‚

After dinner, we wandered around for a bit and ducked into one of the many arcade halls that line the coast road. How times of changed, I remember when arcade games were just that…games, now it’s all slot machines and interactive dance maps.

It’s nice to bump in the classic 2p push games though, which Curstie finds so addictive!

IMG_2541 (1024x683)

Hidden amongst the flashy new slot machines I found this little gem. I’ve never been remotely interested in slot machines before but we had to try this one out. It didn’t half make a racket when we pulled the lever!

IMG_2542 (682x1024)

From somewhere, a classic rock tune was blasting out and being one of Curstie’s favorites, she went to investigate. Now Curstie isn’t one for video games but when I found her looking wide eyed and one of the arcade machines, I knew we had to have a go – It was Guitar Hero.

We’re both old time rock fans and also budding guitarists, so we had to try it out and see what all the fuss is about this popular game.Β  I know Guitar hero has been out for ages on a variety of home consoles but I’ve never actually had a go. So…in went the coins, we both picked up a guitar and not knowing what to expect, we hit the ‘start’ button.

Let’s just say…we rocked πŸ™‚

We had such a good time, we had a few more goes πŸ™‚

Something sticky and sweet was in order so we walked back to the sea front to see if any of the shops were still open. On the way, we passed through the fun fair.

IMG_2545 (1024x683)

I would have like to have stopped until until later in the evening to try some slow shutter shots but we still had the drive home and it was getting late.

IMG_2548 (1024x683)

We took one final stroll along the promenade at sunset and we discussed if we should buy Guitar Hero and a home console πŸ™‚ Hmm, I wonder if there’s a version out for Mame?

I considered running down the ramp from the life guard station ala ‘bay watch’ style but..erm hmm, I’d eaten too many chips.

IMG_2553 (1024x648)

The walk back to the car led us past the big wheel which was silhouetted in the sun set.

IMG_2558 (1024x683)

IMG_2557 (683x1024)

We left at 9pm and as the roads were completely empty we arrived home about an hour and a half later – tired but totally happy πŸ™‚


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