Sunshine at last!

Sunshine at the weekend at last! – lets hope it stays dry for the remainder of the bank holiday weekend!

There’s quite a few jobs to be done around the garden, so taking advantage of the good weather I made an early start with a spot of weeding.  The recent weather has brought them out in force and after an hour I had three buckets full.

Next on the list was the lawn. I usually cut it in the evenings after work, but it’s  just been too wet and after two and half weeks  it was certainly in need of a haircut.


By mid morning, everything was looking pretty tidy again and time for well deserved cuppa. I was going to do the hedges but I really wanted to get cracking with potting on the fruit and veg.

We sat outside enjoying enjoying the sunshine and heard the the barrel pond fountain was spluttering into life. We’ve only seen it jet water about 3″ high before but on a cloudless day like today the solar panel was getting enough light to shoot the water up to 2ft.


IMG_2498 (1024x683)

After lunch we went to pick up a few things from the Garden Centre. I needed a few grow bags and some larger pots for the tomatoes and cucumbers. I also need of a new hose pipe as the one I currently have won’t stretch all the way to the end of the garden and ideally I could do with one that rolls up. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve tripped 😦

…and here it is, complete with a 50m hose.

IMG_2457 (683x1024)

Even though we’ve had so much rain, I couldn’t help trying it out and giving everywhere a good soaking.

IMG_2443 (1024x683)

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